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Is it a good idea to try to go from being FWB to starting a relationship?

Is it a good idea to try to go from being FWB to starting a relationship?

That said, as human beings, we are programmed to have partners, and to find the greatest joy in life, and I don't think that having an “F buddy” is going to provide ALL the joy that you deserve. It can be fun, but it will only be temporary. So I always invite you to ask yourself a question: What if you thought about true love and let go of the heartache that love has caused before?

For just a moment, forget your sentimental past and all of the pain that went along with it. If I ask you to focus solely on your deepest desires, the things that bring you the most amount of joy, and especially on the new things that you could incorporate into your life, how can you imagine your daily life-changing?

The more you work on being truly happy and fulfilled, and creating excitement in your life, the more this person is going to want to invest in being your partner.

CAREFUL! This doesn't mean that you should become obsessed with him or her... In order for a relationship to become established, you are going to have to find a balance and give each other a healthy amount of space:

– Personal life (your passions, your health, your image...) – Professional life – Friend 100 Гјcretsiz Etiyopya tanД±Еџma siteleri abd circle – Family life – Romantic life

Human beings always want more so a fleeting relationship or a one-night stand type situation doesn't work in the long run

Of course, you can consider the positive aspects that I outlined above, (like having no obligations), but you've got to define a better framework because a relationship like this will almost always result in questions about the next step.